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"Watchmaking is a craft, an art, a calling"

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Welcome! This is Chamberlain 1875

As a company we are part of the Unico Company Group

A line of luxury watches developed and produced exclusively in the historic town of Solothurn, Switzerland, the watchmaking mecca.
Designed for people with a passion for Snooker, this collection honours the history of the sport since its inception in 1875.

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The creation of unique and captivating timepieces is the core of our enterprise.​

The creation of unique and captivating timepieces is the core of our enterprise.

At Chamberlain 1875 headquarters in the historic town of Solothurn, all our watches are passionately being manufactured by hand, for Swiss Made quality that can be felt and seen at first glance.

We not only strive to create watches in the spirit of the Swiss tradition, but we have the honour to do so within walls that stand for a Swiss watchmaking tradition of over 100 years.

We strive to provide our customers with top notch support to make their shopping wonderful!

Originally built in 1915/16 by the watch manufacturer Stadler-Bouché, our building was soon taken over by one of Switzerland’s first watchmaking schools, where until recent this world leading training institute produced the success of generations of watchmakers.

After the watchmaking school moved to larger premises, there was a unique opportunity to make it the home where our passion for the Swiss art of watchmaking continues to develop and evolve.

Even tough 100 years of existence have brought changes, many of the original architectural features still prevail. At our ateliers, precise work done by hand is at the heart of our watchmaking skills. Our watchmakers have been extensively trained and are professionals in their field. Each watch is assembled, controlled and packaged manually. This is how we guarantee the “Swiss Made” quality of our watches.

We are proud to say that in this way every Chamberlain 1875 watch bears honour to the Swiss watchmaking tradition.

... Your Time is Now!

Your Time is Now!​

The Chamberlain 1875 Ambassadors

Global Ambassador

Ambassadors Stuart Bingham

Stuart Bingham

Our global ambassador and World Snooker Champion 2015

Unico Company Group is a corporate organisation where quality, craftsmanship, pioneering and professionalism are paramount.

The company was formed in 2018.

Chamberlain 1875, a Swiss-Belgian watch company, creating the world’s first Snooker watch brand.

The Unico approach and DNA is focused on being innovative and progressive creating “one of a kind” products and services within the International Snooker community.

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